The man behind the truth...

"...If they don't know your dreams, then they can't shoot em' down..." - Jermaine Cole


kevspeakstruth (kst), is a 22 yr old artist buzzing out of sunny Florida. His music is a hybrid of Indie/R&B/Hip-Hop and just enough Soul and Funk to get you moving. He likes to call it Vibe N' Bass or V&B.The studio has been his home for a while now as he is putting together new ideas and sonics to bring something genuine and true.

Kev's production style ranges from Ambient to Trap to Electric to Neo-Soul. He really enjoys making different kinds of beats and sounds and has recently started dabbling more into sampling.

Kev has been writing for as long as he can remember. Growing up in New York he was always surrounded by inspiration, whether it was the way the seasons changed or the fashion or even just the sounds of the late night parties and mixers. Around the age of 9, his mother decided to move him and his little brother out to Florida. This changed not only the man he would become, but would also help to mold the music that he makes. Let this stand as the story of who he is. 

His ultimate goal and dream for doing music is influence.

He wants to change peoples lives for the better. He has seen the negative effects of drugs, guns, and bad decisions leave families empty and scarred. He is here to bare his truth, in its entirety in hopes that it can give others the courage to do the same. He believes we all need help mentally, emotionally, and socially from time to time. But music is the ONE thing that brings people together no matter who they are. He believes we are meant to live on this Earth as a loving community.

Kev strives to be real and honest. Some days are gonna suck no matter what you do. But we wake up every day with the opportunity to make the good days better and more frequent; dark days will pass just as the good days will bloom like no other.

So what's his truth?

You decide for yourself.